Powerfitness for Women: Tips to Stay Motivated and On Track

For most women, the problem is not how to start exercising, but maintaining it. With all the responsibilities of motherhood, career, being a wife, and running a household, there’s hardly any time left to work out.

Some women even ask if lifting groceries already counts as strength training? Or if chasing after toddlers all day is considered cardio? While it does count as physical activity, it’s still not complete exercise.

When we think of exercising for health and fitness purposes, the focus often goes towards beginning an activity that will help us "get in shape" at a fast pace. 

Health guidelines say adults should take part in strength exercises and 150 minutes per week of moderate or 75 minutes vigorous-intensity activities every week. 

This can be difficult if your level of commitment does not last long enough after starting on such programs due to time constraints or lack of motivation.

If you feel like you’ve hit a slump in your fitness routine, we recommend you try these tips and pieces of advice.

Know the reason why you are doing it in the 1st place

Exercise can be a grueling sport if you let it. Researchers say that younger people are more likely to hit the gym when their motivations are appearance-based. However, past the age of early 20s, women need something else. 

The only time women prioritize exercise is if it has benefits that will impact our day-to-day life. For instance, stress reduction and increased energy levels can make us more successful by giving us the ability to better focus when necessary. 

Simply put, if you know the fundamental reason why you are exercising, then there is a better chance that you will continuously be motivated.

If you can’t go to the gym to work out, you can try and do some fun physical activities. Choose something you truly enjoy such as biking or running with friends, joining sports clubs. 

For some women, hiking through natural landscapes is more appealing than running on treadmills, and this is a completely valid feeling. If you’d rather dance than do aerobic routines, you should go ahead and do that. Do what physical activity you enjoy so you can stay consistent and focused.

Make a habit out of it

When you perform an exercise, you need to make a habit of doing it until you get used to it. For example, when you run, it can be tiring just getting out the door—finding your shoes, water bottle, towel, and all the equipment you need for running, even planning the route you want to take time. 

But after some time, running becomes so routine that experts say it will no longer matter since this is already associated with the activity. 

Building a routine out of it will not be bothersome for you since it is already inculcated in your schedule.

The plan is to prioritize

What if you don't have a way to exercise but are desperate for some health benefits? Don't despair. You can easily find ways and places to get your workout in without going out of the house. It's not just about finding parks nearby or working out with friends; there is so much more that could be done.

You just need to prioritize what exercises work best with your schedule. Gym classes at night may not be an option because they conflict with your day job shift hours. 

MPower Fitness can give you a training program and exercises routines that you can do at home.  You’ll get a customized video workout regimen and a series of cardio exercises to follow. Your weight and nutrition will also be monitored. Plus, you also have the option to come to the MPower Fitness HQ in Chino, California, twice a week if you like.

There are ways of doing things that make the process more manageable and easier on everyone involved, like planning ahead for where, when, and how you're going to do something with consultation from others who will help look after any children or pets while exercising if needed. Knowing what equipment might be necessary depending on location and type of workout desired.

Additionally, having a routine allows enough preparation for an enjoyable experience without feeling rushed or pressured about getting back home right away.

The second part is called coping planning. This is a vital component to maintaining our mental health. In anticipation of the negative effects of stress, we can prepare for them by weighing out how much time and effort it will take to return to an even base. 

To succeed at this type of plan requires permission from oneself first - so people must be able to acknowledge what their own self-care needs are before they do anything else.

Treat yourself kindly if you are demotivated

Remember: to stay fit, you also need to take care of your mental health. Motivation is a complicated issue, and it takes more than just our drive to make physical activity happen. 

Money, stress, adulting responsibilities, parenting demands, or even the location you live in can be a factor in you stopping to work out and be active. You can also include depression, weariness, and sick family members in the big factors when it comes to whether someone can maintain a healthful lifestyle that includes regular physical activity. 

Experts say if you can get a lot of support around you, maintaining an active life will become easier. Individual motivation - or lack thereof - is only one piece of the larger puzzle, so remember to be kind to yourself if you do not feel motivated to do physical activities that will help you be fit and healthy.

Times like this, go back to your purpose. Why are you doing this? For whom are you keeping healthy? You need to be analytical about your work and family-related needs before starting any fitness routine. If you set yourself up with goals that are too big, then all it takes is one thing getting in your way for everything else to fall apart. There will always be something blocking our path from working out every day or running miles each morning, as most people would rather sleep than put themselves through strenuous exercise sessions daily. At first glance, this might seem like an easy solution but think again: soon enough, we'll forget what motivated us in the first place.

These are just some tips to keep you fit and healthy no matter where you are in life. If you need a coach to help you, contact us at MPower Fitness. We can help you stay healthy and fit or start you on the road to fitness. Let’s set fitness goals together!

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