Power Fit Tips To Becoming Lean And Strong

Women are always asking for the most efficient way to lose weight in areas they don't want. Although everyone has their own unique needs, coaches at MPower Fitness have rounded up some tips that work every time, no matter your reason. 

Watch your calorie intake

The first rule of weight loss is to eat less. That doesn't mean you should eat donuts every day, but it does mean that you should increase your protein consumption because this will help build muscle and burn fat more efficiently than carbohydrates or fats alone. Your bodyweight times ten to twelve gives a general guide for calorie intake each day if you want to lose weight. 

A person weighing 200 lbs can eat 2000 calories per day would be appropriate for losing one pound per week while maintaining muscle mass. Women don’t want to be skinny and frail, in fact, we want to be leaner and healthier.

Calories are just one part of the components that your body needs. When you don't feed your body what it needs, the cells go into starvation mode and hoard everything they are fed. This may make weight-loss efforts seem futile if you exercise but fail to eat enough calories - even though that's not really how it works. The machine we call our bodies is much smarter than most people think at first glance; after a few days of starving themselves without protein or carbs, the body will learn how to build up stores in other parts that can be burned for energy later on so as long as there isn't too much fat stored around major organs like the heart.

Reduce your Carbs

I know carbohydrates are everywhere. You don't have to take drastic measures like giving up all carbohydrates. We know how hard it is, so we are here for you!

Do you even know what your carbohydrate intake looks like? You may be surprised at the number of carbs in some foods that seem innocent enough - such as peanut butter and oatmeal. Logging on a site can help make things easier by keeping track of sugar content and other helpful information about calories burned from activity or weight changes.

A well-balanced diet includes carbohydrates but not excessive carbs, resulting in weight gain and a risk factor for diabetes! Remember: it's all about moderation. How many carbs are too much? Ten servings or more per day is considered high—anything less than ten servings doesn't come close enough to the amount needed by your body each day (which ranges from 20g - 40g).

Sugar is an important thing to limit because it can lead you into a cycle of sugar addiction. Rather than being satisfied with your meal, after eating lots of sugary food, we sometimes want more and search for "sugar highs" by snacking on chocolate or drinking soda. It's hard to get out of this addicting cycle once you're in it - so be mindful when consuming foods that are high in sugars like desserts, candy bars, cookies, etc., which all have the same effect as fruit.

When people think about carbs, they usually just consider white bread and rice. But brown rice, as well as pasta and whole-grain bread, can also be considered a carb because it's digested more slowly in your body than its counterpart (white). So while you might not get as high of an insulin spike from eating these foods, if you eat too much, they could still lead to fat gain due to their high carbohydrate content.

Eating a low-carb diet is not only an effective way to lose weight, but it also has many other health benefits. By reducing carbohydrates in our diets, we can maintain more stable blood sugar levels and control insulin response while achieving excellent energy throughout the day without spikes or crashes.

A common misconception about eating lower carbs is that you will be hungry all the time because your body needs carbs for fuel - this isn't true.

Our bodies have plenty of stored fat and protein from meat sources which are both great substitutes for carbohydrate consumption; they're even better when consumed alongside vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower since these provide fiber content among their list of nutrients. Staying away from sugary snacks helps too.

Up your protein and love healthy fat

The traditional American diet has always leaned towards meat and potatoes, but recent studies have shown that this isn't necessary. With fish supplying a greater amount of protein than beef or chicken could ever hope to provide and being more environmentally sustainable due to it requiring less feed per pound for its production process, Americans should be looking at switching their diets over.

The study done by Kentucky State University is an example of just how much we need to change our mindsets on what we eat to save ourselves from issues like obesity and climate change which are caused by animal agriculture's impact on both land-use patterns and greenhouse gas emissions while also providing us with enough nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids without needing tons of lean meats every day.

Protein is essential for maintaining muscle and boosting your metabolism. I recommend aiming to get 40% of your daily calories from protein if you want the best results, but it's more important that you meet a minimum percentage than one specific number.  

The key here isn't just how much food we eat in terms of grams or ounces-you need to be eating enough raw materials (from both plants and animals) so that when they go into digestion, there are plenty left over at the end as usable body mass: cells, tissues like bone marrow; enzymes such as those found in intestinal tissue where most absorption takes place (including fatty acids); hormones derived from glands such as insulin which regulate blood sugar levels).

Resistance Training as a lifestyle

Here’s another thing we always tell our clients at MPower Fitness: resistance training won't make women get bulky-unless that's what your goal is. The woman who starts getting bigger probably also starts eating more food, which will then cause them to put on body fat and not muscle mass (which may or may not be a bad thing). 

Doing resistance training and watching what foods are acceptable for you while keeping an eye on nutrition levels results in weight loss instead of gain, with lean muscles becoming dominant over fatty tissue cells as the result. MPower Fitness coaches can create a training program for any woman based on her short-term and long-term goals as well as their current level of fitness. If you’re at the beginner level, we can start resistance training using your own body weight or very light weights.

People turn to resistance training because of its proven benefits that include improved muscle, strength and tone, weight management, prevention, and control of health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. The list goes on with pain relief for people who are suffering joint-related issues like arthritis; better mobility for those experiencing trouble walking due to poor balance; increased range in motion, which leads to a decrease in stiffness along your joints. 

Not only does it provide physical wellness but mental well-being too.

Your cardio will help you a lot

The number of women "jogging" their way to health has quadrupled in the last decade. The medical profession is concerned with this trend, as it's not a healthy choice for most people.

Too many folks have been told that more is better when it comes to physical activity and exercise. 

They don't know—or maybe forgetting—that there are major downsides to doing too much exercise or working out excessively hard (i.e., over 45 minutes at steady state or 30 minutes during bouts of high-intensity interval training). And while these benefits might seem obvious, you ought to consider how your body will feel after such intense use, such as tiredness and low motivation.

If you want to stay lean, don't overdo your cardio routine. After doing it day after day, your body starts eating away at the muscle to fuel itself because that's what happens during catabolism-eating up other things for nutrients when there isn't enough food ingested. This is why those ladies who always look so trim are losing their metabolism and lowering themselves into being fatter than they are if you measure them with a composition test.

At MPower Fitness, we believe that the three pillars of fitness are nutrition, cardio, and strength training. If you're trying to be in the best shape that you can be, then these all play an important role in your overall success. Nutrition is essential for creating a healthy body while being active and increasing performance ability when training with weights or working out on cardio machines. Cardio helps get the heart rate up, so it's easier to burn fat which will help keep calories low because they'll never come back from burning off excess energy if we don't use them during exercise. Strength builds muscle mass which boosts metabolism by keeping us leaner than someone who doesn't work their muscles at all.

If you’re interested to know more, why don’t you give us a call. We’ll schedule a free consultation where we perform a medical grade body analysis, discuss your goals, past experiences and determine which program or option will work for you best — at no cost to you.

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