Fitness Coaching Programs

Here at M-Power Fitness Coaching, we believe in more than just providing women with a place to get active - we strive to provide the best service possible to help ladies achieve their fitness goals long-term. Our coaching program can help women go to a higher level of fitness and stay on track. Our experts combine a systematic coaching process and personal training to empower ladies to develop a fit lifestyle and gain self-confidence to maintain it. 

Make healthy happen by signing up with M-Power Fitness' coaching programs: 

Lifestyle +

A fitness lifestyle is more than just shedding off weight, burning calories, and building muscles. It's about fostering the chance to grow your body physically, emotionally, and mentally. Our lifestyle + coaching program includes:

  • Group Strength Training Program
  • Monday-Sunday Access To HQ Gym 
  • Cardio Regimen
  • Workout Regimen
  • Accountability Coaching
  • Custom Nutrition Plan

This program involves a small group setting, where a certified personal trainer will teach ladies about weight lifting, plyometrics, and HIIT. Every day, the program targets different muscle groups, guided by our experienced trainer, giving instructions, correcting forms, and providing the energy needed to provide a fantastic workout experience unlike any other.

In this program, trainers will also provide specific cardio instructions and goal setting during monthly check-ins.

Competitive Elite

For more serious and athletic women, the competitive elite coaching program is ideal. It requires more strenuous activities, training the body and mind to be the best versions of themselves. Our competitive elite coaching program includes:

  • Group Strength Training Program
  • Monday-Sunday Access To HQ Gym
  • Cardio Regimen
  • Workout Regimen
  • Competitor Training
  • Accountability Coaching
  • Posing Class
  • Custom Competition Nutrition Plan

A certified personal trainer will overlook a small group of ladies in this program, teaching everything from weight lifting to HIIT workouts. It also includes a custom competition nutritional plan, personalized cardio instructions, weekly accountability coaching check-ins with our head coach and posing clinic, stage preparedness, and complete guidance, helping you present the best version of yourself. 

M-Power Fitness has become famous for transforming average female physiques into muscular, fit, healthy bodies. Focusing on beauty, femininity, and power, we create unique plans to help you build your best body ever!

Online +

The M-Power Fitness online coaching program allows women to stay fit while at home. With our certified personal trainers, ladies can look back at their past workouts and see their progress online. Our online + coaching program includes:

  • One-on-one Online Coaching
  • Mastery of Mind and Body
  • One-on-one or Group Accountability
  • Academy Exclusive Community
  • M-Power Mobile App
  • Custom Nutrition Program
  • Custom Video Workout Regimen
  • Cardio Regimen
  • Body Composition and Activity Tracking
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • 2 Times a Week Access to HQ Gym

With M-Power Fitness online + coaching program, women can achieve their goals with workouts created just for them. Just you and your trainer - all from the convenience and comfort of your home and phone. Plus, ladies can get access to progress tracking, in-app messaging, and more with the program. It engages and inspires all women to reach their fitness goals!

You'll never get tired with the same regimen. Easily switch up your routine with cardio, strength, and more. Plus, you can get custom-built workouts from your trainer that you can do by yourself. 

Learning while exercising is crucial in maximizing the session's effectiveness while reducing the risk of injury. M-Power Fitness coaching programs will teach you everything you need to know about exercising. Our certified personal trainers will put together the perfect routine to help you achieve your unique fitness goals - all the way. 

About Mpower Fitness
Experienced & professional staff of personal fitness trainers in Chino and Chino Hills that truly care about you, your health, and your fitness goals! At M-Power Fitness Coaching, we pride ourselves in custom tailoring specific fitness programs that meet your needs, including an individualized nutritional plan outlined to assist your weight loss goals.
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