Finding a Power Fitness Gym Near Me: How to Start Exercising

Regular exercise may be challenging to start, and this is why individuals such as myself look for a power fitness gym near me so I can get the support I need.

Training is essential for everyone, from those who feel healthy to those with and without injuries and disabilities. Regular exercise is also necessary for maintaining strength, balance, and flexibility as we age. Many healthy older persons routinely engage in moderate levels of physical activity without problems or pain.

 Everyone should exercise regularly, but many do not. One of the most common reasons people give for not exercising is they do not enjoy it and find it boring. It may be that some people really don't like working out and would gladly swap discomfort and time commitment for the chance to laze around on a couch or play a video game.

But exercise is not just about losing weight and looking good – it's also necessary for our physical and mental health. So how can we convince people to make time for exercise?

Besides finding a great gym in your area like MPower Fitness in Chino, CA, here are some ideas:

Make it social

Find a workout buddy who will enjoy the company as much as the workout. Exercise should be easy to build up if you find the proper motivator. One scientific study found that people are more likely to stick with their exercise regimen if they work out with friends, so join a gym class or organize your running meet-up. In the end, if you want to get in shape or stay healthy, then find some ways that motivate you and enjoy your workouts and time spent doing physical activities with friends and family.

Involve the entire family in regular exercise events. That way, everyone is on board with encouraging one another to get fit and stay healthy. Some of us need that extra push to get ourselves moving when taking care of our fitness. Working out with friends or family is a great idea, as this will give you that extra nudge to keep at it.

Exercise with your partner for support and accountability. If you struggle to get into shape due to boredom or lack of motivation, having your significant other join you on the journey can seriously help! By working together towards your goals, you are more likely to be successful.

Accountability is key

Meet up with a friend for a walk, run, or bike ride each week. Exercise is a big commitment and, for most people, it just doesn't fit into their busy day. We need to lower the barrier to entry on working out by making exercise more social and less solitary. People who already have workout buddies will tell you that having that person around encourages them to go to the gym when they don't want to. By getting a workout buddy and recruiting people you know to do the same, we can break down the barrier of entry and get more people exercising by making it easier and less of a chore.

Add variety and lots of fun!

Instead of always doing the same workout at the same time in the same place, try something new. For example, you could mix up your routine by running one day and taking an exercise class at MPower Fitness center the next day.

Variety truly is the spice of life. Everyone has their routine, so constantly changing things up can be enough to encourage people who are otherwise set in their ways. Turn your workout into a scheduled event. Scheduling an actual appointment with yourself will eliminate any procrastination that you have towards working out.

Change up your workout routine every few weeks. Your body will eventually adapt to the exercises that you are doing, and other options can help keep things fresh.

Keep moving even while at work

The gym is not the only place to work out. You can  take an exercise break each day and go for short walks during your lunch hour. Don't feel guilty about taking this time to yourself; you'll be more productive when you return to work if you get some exercise during the day.

Listen to good music

A study by Oxford Brookes University in the UK found that under-30s who exercise to music not only feel happier and more relaxed but are also more likely to exercise for more extended periods than those who exercise without using music.

Exercise to reduce stress

Ancient practices like tai chi or yoga can be good options for people who want to keep active and stay flexible and strong but don't like the high-intensity workout associated with more traditional forms of exercise. Yoga and tai chi are low-impact workouts that require stretching your muscles, but yoga requires more flexibility, while tai chi is more about slow movements.

Be creative

Signing up for an MPower Fitness online training is a good idea so you can keep exercising anywhere you may be. However, if you can't there are countless ways to get moving, so try some new activities until you find something you love. Then turn it into a habit. This way, you will be more likely to continue working out. You can even take part in activities like parkour if it interests you enough. If you have a pet, you could always take them on a walk around the neighborhood.

Start small

If 20 minutes is all you can manage, only exercise for 20 minutes. Do it every day and slowly increase your time working out until you build up to a complete workout.

Get up from the couch

Try turning off the computer or TV while you are doing your workout. Studies show people who use electronic devices while exercising stay sedentary for long periods.

It may seem like an overly simplistic answer to getting fit, but in reality, it is the secret. Fitness is like a puzzle; you have all the pieces, and eventually, they fall into place one at a time. What will keep you motivated to keep track of your exercise routine? Perhaps it's weight loss for some people, while for others, it's the incentive to get out of bed and start living a healthier lifestyle.  

If you discover that going for a jog is too strenuous and prefer a power fitness gym near you to help you stay fit, that’s a good choice too. MPower Fitness has equipment, fitness trainers, and even one-on-one coaching if this is the kind of attention you need to get started.

More importantly, you’ll have someone to motivate you and answer your questions about proper nutrition, the kind of workout that will help you achieve your goals, and more. It really is a very good place to start, not just to exercise, but to start being healthy — for life!

Changing your lifestyle can be hard work, but it's worth the effort when you consider the long-term benefits to physical and mental health, not to mention a healthier bank balance due to lower medical costs.

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