How to Become a Female Bodybuilder with MPower Fitness Coaching

Bodybuilding is a sport that requires both physical strength and endurance. The popularity of female bodybuilders has grown with the increasing awareness of health and fitness. 

Bodybuilding was previously a male-dominated sport, but it is becoming more common for women who want to stay active and healthy. 

Women have become the new figures in bodybuilding. They are breaking down barriers and getting recognition for their efforts, with more women becoming full-time professional competitors and trainers themselves.

Female bodybuilding is a sport where women compete with one another in different physical contests. They lift weights and flex their muscles to see which woman is the most muscular and toned of them all.

Why do women become bodybuilders?

The motivation behind wanting to become a female bodybuilder is the feeling of empowerment. 

Women's bodybuilding competitions are empowering because they allow women to take control of their bodies. Women can finally show off the muscles that have been hidden all these years and motivate others by showing how strong, powerful, and confident they can be with a bit of time spent in the gym each day.

Female bodybuilders may not get as much recognition or money from being on stage as men do, but it is worth the effort knowing that every woman who sees them will know they never gave up and were determined to reach their goals.

How do I become a competitive bodybuilder?

Gyms like MPower Fitness offer specialized training programs to female bodybuilders who hit the competition circuits. Yes, training to build muscle mass and clearly defined one's muscles is not enough. Becoming competition-ready requires more practice, time, and dedication.

MPower Fitness coaching will guide you through weight lifting, plyometric training, and HIIT workouts instructed by a certified personal trainer. Included are a competition meal plan and specific cardio instruction.

You will also have weekly accountability check-ins with the head coach, stage preparedness, weekly posing clinic, and complete guidance to help you present the best version of yourself to the judges.

MPower Fitness has become renowned for transforming female physiques into muscular, fit, healthy bodies. With a focus on beauty and femininity, Our coaching programs produce unique plans to help you build your best body ever!

How does a female bodybuilder train?

If you are looking for fast and tangible improvements, it is best to hit the gym for four or more days per week.

Dieting is something many people try to do to maintain a healthy weight. It can be especially difficult for female bodybuilders as there are specific requirements that not everyone can follow, such as limiting carbs and calories or counting the number of grams of protein each day.

Bodybuilders need to eat well to keep within their weight category. Although women bodybuilders need to follow the exact requirements of male competitors, they have different weight classes. Usually, the women's first weight class being slightly heavier than men's and ending at 165 pounds instead of 195 for most federation competitions. 

Women bodybuilders must be clean-shaven or wear makeup as their organization requires before they're allowed on stage in competition mode. In addition to water intake, all athletes must stay well hydrated during training because dehydration can lead to cramping without enough liquids available within muscle cells - which will decrease performance potential considerably if something isn't changed quickly when this happens.

The Six Bodybuilding Categories

Over the years, women's bodybuilding has evolved and become more inclusive. During the 1970s, when women's bodybuilding competitions started to become popular, women strove to reach the same levels of muscularity as the male bodybuilders. It resulted in bulky bodies that approximated the masculine form for men. At the same time, the men's bodies also started to get huge. To this day, overly large muscles on men and women are our image in any bodybuilding discussion.

A lot has changed since then. In modern female bodybuilding competitions, there are six categories of different body types. The categories have subtle differences that acknowledge different body types or standards. The categories are:

  1. Bodybuilding. The traditional bodybuilding competition continues with the development of large muscles. When people encounter the term "bodybuilding," this is the category they associate it with. Large well-defined muscles are developed with separate and specialized exercises. It may take years before women reach the size to compete on this level. The aim is to build muscle mass and shallow body fat. Weight is part of the criteria for judging but not the height. Femininity, athleticism, and appearance (beauty) are not considered in the judging.
  2. Physique. Competitors in this category are not far off from the bodybuilding category. The main difference is that the body is more athletic and more feminine. Women are muscular but not ripped, and they are expected to have very low body fat. The body proportions are closer to those of traditional standards of beauty.
  3. Fitness. The fitness category does not only judge according to looks but also on athletic performance. During a part of the competition, the contestants will show their athleticism and strength through a routine set to music.
  4. Figure. Competitors in this category look almost like ordinary people. They are lean and muscular but not ripped. They are also expected to have a body fat of 8-12%. They look like they just stepped out of the gym.
  5. Bikini. It is currently the most popular category. The women competing in this category are well-toned, with a healthy, well-balanced size and shape. There are two rounds of judging, both in bikinis and wearing high heels.
  6. Wellness. It is the newest category and is steadily developing a following. However, it is expected that there are adverse reactions to this category because it is not yet fully understood. Contestants are expected to be slim and athletic without being too lean or muscular. It is something like a regular beauty contest but with more athletic women.

These categories acknowledge that women want to develop their bodies and compete but not with big muscles. Women have different ideas about being sexy, and the types show that they can go to lengths to develop their bodies, but according to their limits.

What are the benefits of becoming a female bodybuilder?

Bodybuilding is not just a male-dominated sport, but for some women, it's an empowering journey. Bodybuilders go through physical and mental changes before seeing the result of their hard work in competitions and social media. The benefits can be apparent with more confidence and muscle definition that may have never been there, to begin with, alongside weight loss as well.

Women can have a lot of great benefits if they learn to be bodybuilders. They will have more confidence and feel better about themselves, which everyone desires in life. It also helps them keep their weight down, so it's easier for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the food choices they make every day and go on trips without having any worries at all.


Bodybuilding takes a lot of work. Bodybuilders spend years working in the gym to sculpt their bodies for better definition. They keep to a strict diet and regular exercise to maintain their weight and stay healthy. Their time in the gym becomes a habit and part of their lifestyle. Their well-sculpted bodies give these women a boost in confidence and a positive outlook in life.

If you want to get into bodybuilding, don’t hold yourself back! You have the support of our MPower Fitness Coaching team. We can help, guide, and train you to be competition-ready.

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