Power Her Fit: Exercise Gear Must-Haves

Packing a gym bag is something that most people do daily. Picking up and leaving with a prepared gym bag may be a simple task for frequent goers at MPower Fitness Coaching. Some individuals even maintain several bags in their cars, just in case they go for an unscheduled visit to the gym.

It's not unusual to forget important gym clothing pieces when traveling or visiting a different gym. Furthermore, certain items supplied with gratis at your club (such as towels or locks) may not be so freely accessible elsewhere.

Here's a list of "must-haves" for every gym bag, as well as a few luxury goods to keep on hand just in case.

1. Running shoes. You don't have to be an avid runner to own a good pair of running shoes. Running is just one type of exercise that requires sufficient shock absorption. Not only can they help prevent injury, but quality footwear will help you stick with your workout if they feel comfortable. Try to pick a pair that feels as though it will support your gait and allow you to do the activity with some comfort level.

2. Water bottle. A good water bottle is essential toward achieving some workout goal, whether that's staying hydrated or losing weight. A quality water bottle includes a wide enough mouth to make it easy to refill and drink from, and a good grip that feels comfortable in your hand without slipping.

3. Towel(s). Not all gyms provide towels for members' use, so it's always wise to keep one (or more) on hand. The towel can wipe excess sweat off or dry feet if you need to wear your socks or shoes back into the locker room. If you plan on showering at the gym, it's wise to keep one with you for drying off before entering the locker room.

4. Deodorant. Fresh deodorant is becoming more of an expectation than a nicety in public settings, and both sexes should carry some deodorant in the bag for any workout. 

5. Hair ties/ponytail holders/clips/etc. A ponytail holder can be helpful if your hair is long enough to knot up into. 

6. Lip balm or gloss. Sweat can cause the lips to become chapped, so it's essential to have a good lip balm on hand at all times. If you're wearing any color on your lips already, try carrying a complementary shade of lip gloss as well for touch-ups once you're back in the locker room.

7. A journal and pen. Keeping a workout and food journal can be very helpful if you're trying to lose weight, and it's also wise to keep track of any health-related or injury-causing issues you may run into at the gym, as well as keep your eyes peeled for new ways to work out.

8. Waterproof mascara and a compact mirror. Waterproof mascara is a must if you plan on going for a swim or showering at the gym after your workout. A good, small mirror will help with touch-ups before you head back to the locker room.

9. Headphones. In some places, it's considered rude to walk into a gym with headphones on, but it's also dangerous to not be able to hear your surroundings. This isn't a hard and fast power her fit rule, though it's just a recommended safety measure. Also, some gyms may have televisions or music playing out loud that you don't want to miss out on.

10. A small towel. You can use a smaller towel for drying off after showering. It is also better to use when drying off equipment for sanitary purposes, just in case you missed a bit of sweat that found its way onto the handlebars.

11. Lotion or cream. If there's no lotion or hand cream available at the gym, it's helpful to keep it on hand at all times. Your skin can get dry quickly, especially if you're constantly wiping sweat off of yourself.

12. Nail clippers or a nail file. You may want fresh-looking nails for your following job interview or date night, so having them on hand is wise. A nail file can be used to clean up any sweaty, grimy hand before you head back to the locker room.

13. A shawl or cardigan. Cardigans and shawls can be helpful if there aren't enough lockers for everyone in the women's locker room to store their belongings while they shower entirely naked. They're also great for covering up if you're self-conscious about any sudden chills or if someone else is walking around in a way that makes you feel self-conscious.

14. A power her fit gym bag. A good gym bag is a necessity if you plan on working out often. It should be big enough to fit everything from this list, including any of your personal belongings that wouldn't be wise to leave in your car, such as expensive electronics or family heirlooms.

15. A small, healthy snack. Suppose you get hungry and don't have time to stop for a meal, and you can always bring a granola bar or another simple snack with you. This way, you won't have to stop working out prematurely to find food. This is important for those who work out on an empty stomach, as they're at risk of passing out.

16. Resistance Bands. Resistance bands are small but extremely helpful to have with you at the gym, and they can help stretch out any cramped muscles, prevent injury, or get your muscles warmed up before a more intense workout.

17. Yoga Mat. Yoga mats are helpful to have around for stretching or cooling down. It's nice to have them with you in case the floor is dirty, too.

18. Spare change. Many gyms now have vending machines to buy things like clothing, drinks, snacks, or toiletries with spare change if you don't have your wallet or something with you.

19. Change of clothes. It's commonplace to forget these kinds of things, so having a fresh set of clothing on hand can prevent an embarrassing walk of shame in a towel.

20. A small sewing kit and safety pins. This is helpful if an item of clothing rips, breaks, or tears in any way.


Hopefully this list will be helpful the next time you go to MPower Fitness Coaching to exercise. If you want to know more about our programs and activities, give us a call today!

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