Power Fittness Boost: 7 Ways to Increase Your Gym Productivity

Everyone wants to be more productive when they work out at the gym. We see that too here at MPower Fitness Coaching in Chino, CA.

Suppose you are a working mother who needs to work to feed and care for her family. A professional who has limited time during work hours, or just an average person looking for some guidance on how they can do things differently than what they've been doing before, this post is for you. 

Gym time can be a trying and stressful experience. It is easy to feel like you're not getting the most out of your workout because you're always on the move, distracted by other people's conversations, and feeling self-conscious about what others think. But there are ways to make your gym time more productive and enjoyable.

How to become more productive at the Gym?

The key to being more productive at the MPower Fitness Coaching HQ  is understanding how it applies in your day-to-day life—knowing what periods you can train and when those times typically are so that they don't conflict with other things such as sleep or work hours.

  •  Trading in high-impact exercises for circuit training or lower impact ones can give you more time between workouts, allowing lessening stress on joints and muscles that may have been sore from heavier weight lifting earlier in the week. 
  • Mental preparation is just as necessary, if not more so than a physical practice, for being successful both professionally and personally.
  • Knowing what to bring beforehand helps avoid last-minute panic attacks due to unpreparedness. Self-care means taking care of yourself rather than leaving that responsibility up to other people.
  • Always have a plan of what you want to do before going to the gym. This way, you can keep your workout on track and avoid wasting time with distractions. 
  • Go straight from work or errands to the gym without stopping home for a shower or food because it will make it easier for your body and mind. Bring snacks with you so that if hunger strikes during exercise, you can grab a power bar and continue working out.
  • There's no need to stop mid-workout. Invest in some high-quality workout clothes that are comfortable and flattering so that they don't become another obstacle between being active and feeling good about yourself. 

7 Power fittness boosts for a better workout

When we are willing to manage our time creatively, we can all find time for exercise and fitness. Work that requires less physical effort can be performed more efficiently with the energy gained from exercising. 

Therefore, setting aside time to work out will leave you with more time to accomplish other tasks during the day. 

The following are seven ways to make your workout sessions with us at MPower Fitness coaching —or at your own home — more productive:

Be prepared by planning.

Gyms should not be places where you decide what body part to focus on, and the locker room should not be where you find out you forgot your sneakers. Decide what you will do before you go. Pack your clothes in advance if you plan to change at the gym.

Prepare in advance if you plan to be all business. Work out specific body parts and decide how you will do it in advance. Your fitness plan from MPower Fitness Coaching will help you manage your schedule better because you know what you'll be doing ahead of time.

Water is essential

When you are also thirsty, do you find yourself feeling even more exhausted? It is impossible to work out without hydration and motivation. A glass of water is not enough, bring your own water bottle! Hydration is not just good for your health but also for your performance.

Flexibility is key

You may love the bench press, but you don't have to be married to it. Having options is not a bad thing. Become accustomed to the idea of having an alternative. Exercises can be substituted for others in your routine, and don't be afraid to switch up the order when necessary.

Attempt to push yourself

Do you remember the last major milestone you reached in your life? Were you able to earn it by taking things easy, or did you have to work for it? If you want results, you have to work hard. For better results, you need more strength, more resistance, or faster running. 

Success does not come automatically. Push yourself hard.


Food is essential for your body. Remember to eat something before working out, and observe your body's cues and make sure that you know when is the best time to eat. One or two hours? Does a shake sound better than an everyday meal? A snack before working out will help you stay fueled.

Find a buddy

Get together with a friend, compete with someone. It provides multiple benefits, including accountability, motivation, and of course, fun.

Whether to a friend, spouse, or your MPower Fitness coach, keeping yourself accountable will help you stick to your fitness goals. We tend to perform better when someone is watching. They motivate us when we feel we can't do anything anymore and give us a boost of confidence.

Stay away from crowds.

Schedule your training sessions with your fitness coach ahead of time and find the hours where the gym isn't packed. If this helps you concentrate better and feel more comfortable, so be it. There's no reason you can't exercise as soon as the gym opens or be the last person to leave the door. To each her own. You do what works for you.


We hope that these power fittness tips will help you get the most from your workouts, whether running on the treadmill or lifting weights.

If you want more information about our fitness trainers and services offered at MPower Fitness Coaching, give us a call or leave a message. We can help you realize your goals.

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