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The Most Revolutionary, Fat-Shredding Muscle-Sculpting Workout System Ever Created.

A new, revolutionary fitness experience that engages the entire body through constant muscle activating movements. Programmed specifically to sculpt the coveted “Instagram body” in just 60 minutes.

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We take all the guesswork out of your fitness and nutrition routine, discussing your goals, past experiences, and determining which program or option will work for you best! Consultations are available both in-person or over the phone. 

Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted in Just 60 minutes a day.

We know, we know… You’re busy and it seems like there is never enough time to get all of your workouts done. But don’t worry! Our revolutionary fitness system will give you the results you want without taking up too much of your precious time.

Imagine how great it would feel to have toned arms, sculpted abs, and a tight butt that look amazing in those jeans or swimsuit. It works for everyone because it uses every muscle group at once while keeping your heart rate elevated throughout the entire workout. This means no more boring cardio routines that leave you feeling tired and unmotivated after class. Our equipment is easy to use for beginners yet challenging enough for experienced fitness enthusiasts. Our classes are so much fun that people forget they are working out! Plus our classes are only 60 minutes long so they fit into even the busiest schedules!

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We pride ourselves on our unique workout routine because it's different than other workouts. We don't have the impact of hitting or jumping, which means no stress to your joints! It also allows you to work through existing injuries during this safe exercise sessions we offer in a group setting or one on one with individualized attention given by our expert instructors.
Our is a great way for everyone to get in shape. It can be helpful if you have certain health conditions, or are looking for an exercise that will differ from what you're used to doing and allows you the freedom of going at your own pace. The best part? You can easily augment the workout by going at your own pace!
So Easy Anyone Can Do It
A lot of people are intimidated by the idea of a workout routine, but that doesn't have to be the case. We all know how strenuous it can be to work out and even more so if you're just starting out. What if we told you that the workouts are so simple, even someone with no prior fitness experience can do them? If you can go up & down stairs - even if it's one step at a time - then these workouts are for you.
Dynamic Workout
The most efficient, dynamic & engaging workout ever designed? You won't believe how great this sounds until you try it! While you're doing one thing, another part of your body will be working in its opposite direction so that there is a full-body workout happening all at once. There won't be any rest because something will always be trying hard while other parts are getting some relief.
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Our Fitness Programs

lifestyle training

This program consists of a small group setting, weight lifting, plyometric training, and HIIT workouts instructed by a certified personal trainer. Each day, targeting different muscle groups, instruction is given, form is corrected, and energy is projected to provide an amazing workout experience unlike any other.

personal training

Dedicated to your success, one on one with a trainer for an entire hour session. By targeting specific muscle groups and coordinating workouts according to needs and goals, you will get the individualized attention necessary to succeed in this challenging journey of weight loss. (Meal plan can be included or excluded)


This program is designed to help you find a balance between eating what makes your happiest and still achieving the desired results without feeling deprived. The customized meal plan will be tailored for you based on taste preferences as well as nutrition needs. Weekly check-ins offer you accountability to set goals in place but can also be modified if needed!

competition training

This program consists of a small group setting, weight lifting, plyometric training, and HIIT workouts instructed by a certified personal trainer. Included is a competition meal plan, specific cardio instruction, weekly accountability check-ins with the head coach, stage preparedness, weekly posing clinic, and complete guidance to help you present the best version of yourself to the judges.

online training

Achieve your goals with workouts built just for you. No waiting, no distractions. Just you and your trainer—all from the comfort and convenience of your phone. Plus, in-app messaging, progress tracking, and more! This program engages and inspires you to reach your goals!

Life Changing Results

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The Top 3 Challenges People Face Today...

And How We Can Help
Challenge #1:


If you’re like most people, you don’t have a ton of free time to spend at the gym. You want effective workouts that get results in less time than other forms of exercise.
Other types of exercise classes are often too long & unmotivating for many people to stick with it consistently over time.
Our system will change your life by giving you a toned, lean & sexy body in as little as 60 minutes per day. It works on every muscle group including abs, legs, glutes and thighs while also helping tone your arms and improve balance & flexibility. Our equipment and approach creates endless exercises; we have something for everyone!
Challenge #2:

Boring & Repetitive Routines

Being stuck in a boring & repetitive fitness rut means that it’s time for you to mix up your workout routine.
The problem is that most people don’t know how to mix it up and make things interesting. Let alone even know what they plan on doing will yield any sort of positive result.
That's why we created an innovative, proven format which works on every muscle group & provides a unique, full-body workout experience like no other workout can provide.
Challenge #3:

Physical Limitations

Not everyone is in tip-top shape. This may be especially true if you haven’t exercised lately or are overweight.
It can be intimidating walking into an intense fitness program. Some programs require significant coordination on the part of the participants, which excludes those who lack natural athletic ability or flexibility.
That’s why we’ve designed a workout system that doesn’t require any previous training experience or skill level for you whatsoever. Whether you're new or advanced, we offer an intense total body workout using simple movements that can be performed by anyone regardless of physical abilities or limitations (injury, age).

You Are Ready, We Are Waiting

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What You Can Expect in Every Workout...


Muscles Engaged


Calories Burned


Rounds of Workout

total Muscle Integration

Incorporating All 5 Core Fundamentals of Metabolic Conditioning in One Workout.
M-Power is a workout that will change the way you look at exercise forever. It puts the body into an adrenalized state which activates hundreds of individual muscles leaving your body feeling energized & toned. It does this through a dynamic series of exercise movements that target hundreds of muscles while incorporating the 5 core fundamentals of metabolic conditioning:
aerobic activity

The M-Power Workout has been proven time-and-time again as an effective fitness solution for people of all ages and abilities. Click the link below now & access to our top secret web special to get you started on your fitness journey today.

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Why You Should Start Training With Us Today

No longer will you need to ever suffer through hours of cardio or spend years on ineffective programs ever again. We know what it takes to get results you need in a short amount of time, & our coaches will keep you inspired & motivated all the way through to completion of your goals!

Here’s just a few benefits of our 60 minute program:

Improved muscle endurance
Increased muscle strength
Improved flexibility
Rapid fat loss
The sculpted coveted “instagram body”
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We’re More Than Just a Gym

We know how it feels to be frustrated with workouts that don't work and not have a clue what to do about it. That’s why we created this unique workout system. It’s designed to give you effective results so that when people look at you, they see more than just your body - they see confidence, strength & beauty. And most importantly, they see YOU!

Our highly experienced coaches will also keep you inspired & most importantly, motivated. You won't find a better group of people who are more dedicated to your success than us.

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Life Changing Results

Let Our Members Speak For Us...

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It’s Time to Get Your Sweat on.

We Can't Wait to See What You're Made of.

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