Online Fitness Coaching in LA Shares the Best Tips For Starting a Weightlifting Routine

If you've never lifted weights before or haven't done so in a long time, there are many things you need to know beforehand. Read these tips from MPower Fitness, known as a trusted online fitness coaching in LA, if you're just getting started with exercise or have been doing it for a long time and want to improve your results.

If you've never lifted weights before or haven't done so in a long time, there are many things you need to know beforehand. Read these tips from MPower Fitness, known as a trusted online fitness coaching in LA, if you're just getting started with exercise or have been doing it for a long time and want to improve your results.

  1. Be Patient with Yourself

You're excited and looking forward to becoming bigger and stronger, but don't expect results overnight. For beginners, anywhere from one to six months of consistent training is likely needed before seeing significant changes in the mirror or on the scale (muscle weighs more than fat). 

When you first start, it's common to "feel" like you're getting stronger, but the scale won't always show it. Your bodyweight might increase (or stay about the same) for a while before you get that first satisfying loss on the scale. 

Your strength gains, in the beginning, are pretty minuscule compared to later on in your training career, so don't think it's not working because you haven't seen much of a change.

       2.  Strength Gains Come Slowly

It's not uncommon for someone to take up weightlifting and see some gains in the first few months while they're still getting used to training with weights. However, these will probably be modest at best, and you're not going to continue seeing these same types of easy gains in the future. In all likelihood, even with a good training program at MPower Fitness Coaching, it's going to take weeks or even months before you start making progress in your strength gains.

        3.  Use Good Technique from Online Fitness Coaching in LA 

Forget about how much weight you can lift and focus on doing the exercises correctly. If you're lifting weights, then lift them properly and take your time learning how to do all the various movements the right way. If it isn't clear already, always focus on practicing good technique first before increasing exercise difficulty or weight. MPower Fitness coaching can show you the right techniques and methods when lifting weights to make your workouts more effective and efficient.

        4. Avoid Overtraining 

It's possible to do too much too soon with weightlifting; This is especially true if you're new to training and your body hasn't fully recovered yet (in terms of energy) from the last workout. If you find yourself dragging or feeling exhausted for most of your workouts, it's likely time to take an extra rest day or two before continuing. Training 3-4x a week at MPower Fitness gym or online with a fitness coach is likely more than enough for a beginner, and you can add in an additional day or two of rest periodically if needed.

        5.  Be Patient with Your Progress

 In the beginning, your progress will probably be slow to non-existent, this is not unusual, and chances are you'll make more significant strength gains later on down the road. If you do not see any progress and all you're doing is lifting the same weights every few weeks, it's time to change something up.

        6.  Keep Track of Your Progress

Even if you don't see massive changes in your body or strength right away, keep track of your progress. You might be surprised how much muscle you have developed. If you do not see changes in your body weight, track your waist circumference (for men) or hip circumference (for women). Either way, keep in mind that the scale is only one measure of success for weightlifting and building muscle.

        7.  Use Good Form 

If you're going to be doing a particular exercise, make sure that you know how to do it properly and use the proper form from the start. In time, with consistent practice and training from your MPower Fitness coaches, you'll get stronger and might end up being able to lift slightly more weight. However, your body will thank you in the long run if you never attempt a rep with lousy form.

        8.  Be Patient with Your Form

Just because your body is capable of lifting a certain amount of weight doesn't mean that it's time to start using that total amount of weight on every set. If you're ever unsure how much weight to use, err towards the lighter side and focus on doing the exercise with good form instead. Getting too strong too soon is often linked to poor form, so be patient.

        9.  Focus on the Muscle You're Training

It might seem like one exercise is as easy as any other at first, but you'll likely find that some exercises require more focus than others. If you start getting too focused on other things or daydreaming, you'll probably end up with a lot more reps done with a lower weight.

       10.  Keep Your Workout Time Short

During your first few workouts, it's going to take some time for your body to get used to the new exercises and movements. In addition, you'll need some time to learn the proper technique and get comfortable with each movement. For these reasons, try to keep your workouts on the shorter side (30-45 minutes) at first and only add a few extra exercises if necessary.

       11.  Don't Try to Do Too Much.

At many gyms today, you'll find that there are more weight machines than free weights and fewer dumbbells to choose from. While weight machines might be convenient, that doesn't mean that they're the best option available for everyone. Many weight machines help you lift through a specific range of motion (e.g., the smith machine). In doing so, they can take some of your stabilizing muscles out of the movement and put more stress on your central nervous system. This is perfectly fine if you're an experienced weightlifter, but it can be a problem for beginners and those with injuries.

       12.  Perform Each Exercise Slowly

Online Fitness Coaching in LA also says that it can be a good idea to lift each exercise slowly and perform them with little to no momentum (i.e., try to control the weight). This does not mean that you need to take an excruciating amount of time between reps either; make sure that you're not trying to rush through your workouts.

        13.  Perform the Exercises Properly 

Another good idea when you're just starting is to pick up fewer weights when it's your first time performing a particular exercise. In many cases, it's better to use no weight at all and focus on doing the movement properly for a few reps. Once you feel accustomed to the exercise, then start using slightly heavier weights, still with the guidance of your MPower Fitness coach.

        14.  Walk or Stroll in Between Sets

If you're following an intense workout program that involves taking 5+ minutes between sets, then you'll probably need something else to do during this time. After all, sitting around doing nothing for so long isn't going to be very productive or motivating. For this reason, you might want to consider walking in between sets or engaging in another low-intensity activity (e.g., slow jogging).

        15.  Try Not to Sit Too Much

 If you're like most people and spend a lot of time sitting throughout the day, performing high-intensity exercise workouts will probably be challenging. The best way to avoid this problem is by taking short walks throughout the day and getting off the bus one stop earlier. If you're unable to do either of these things, make sure that you warm up before your workout and walk or jog in between sets.


Lifting weights is a great way to improve your strength and fitness. You can get started by following these tips from Online Fitness Coaching in LA so that you are safe from injury. If you've been thinking about starting bodybuilding or weightlifting, this might be a perfect time! 

At MPower Fitness Coaching, we want to help make sure you start on the right foot, so we've compiled some of our favorite beginner workouts. Which one will you try first?

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