Fitness M Advice for Women: 6 Ways to Exercise That Are Perfect for Fall

It's that time of year again when the weather starts to cool down, and you start seeing all those fall colors. Another thing you're starting to see? Those nonsensical fall workout plan articles! There might be some pumpkin spice in there, but it's hard to tell because they all kind of taste the same: like regret and wishing you were dead.

What you'll want this fall is a workout strategy that is simple to execute and has results without taking too much time for the gym or spending hours in your living room with your TV, Netflix account, and a bag of tortilla chips (which also tastes like regret but for slightly different reasons).

Here are six fitness m power workouts that can help you maintain your fitness through the fall and winter months.

1) Yoga

When it comes to staying in shape, yoga can be a great way to maintain physical strength without all that pesky "lifting weights" business. You'll need some mat, block, belt, or towel to help with poses for this workout. And if you're doing any core work, we suggest you keep a lovely big jug of water nearby to replenish your body and brain.

Begin by lying down on the mat and letting your mind and body relax. Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose as you reach forward with both hands. Then exhale fully as you gently pull yourself back up into a seated position. The key is to keep your mind focused on the here and now. Whatever is happening inside or outside of you, just let it happen. And when you're ready, begin again with another inhale, but do not exhale this time. Just hold yourself in a seated position and silently repeat:

2) Toning and Strengthening

This fitness m power workout is perfect for incorporating resistance training into your fall fitness routine. We suggest using a medicine ball or any sturdy weight that's not too heavy but still offers enough resistance to challenge your body and give you the results you're after for maximum toning.

Begin by hanging onto the medicine ball with both hands and bending your knees slightly. Bring the medicine ball up by bringing the weight of your upper body forward. Then slowly lower back down, letting gravity pull you back to a resting position. It's essential to keep your movements slow and controlled. For a bit of challenge, you can also try lifting one leg at a time while you raise the medicine ball towards the ceiling.

3) Yoga-Pilates Fusion

Let's be honest for a second: yoga poses alone can feel really repetitive and just plain "blah." But when you combine it with Pilates, you get some significant benefits. For this workout, we suggest using the Mat Pilates principles of "centering" and "precision," or put, working your core muscles without twisting yourself into a pretzel while also doing some light yoga stretches.

Begin by lying on the mat and relaxing your eyes. Breathe in deeply through your nose as you reach your arms up into a "V" position. Then exhale fully while lowering yourself down into a deep stretch that will help combat fatigue, bloating, and other fall-related ailments. The key to this workout is breathing in through your nose, exhaling fully while bringing your arms down into a "V," then relaxing for about 15 seconds before doing it all again.

4) Strength Training 101

For this fitness m power workout, all you need is about 20 minutes and a simple workout plan to follow. It's designed for beginners, but it's also helpful for those who want to maintain their fitness level through the fall and winter months. We suggest using either an adjustable dumbbell set (like this one by Bowflex) or even cans of food you might have lying around your kitchen.

Begin by setting the dumbbells on the floor and adjusting them so they're a little more than shoulder distance apart. Then kneel while keeping your back straight and pick up one of the weights in your hands. Bring that weight up to your chest level, then slowly lower it back to a resting position on the floor. It's super important to keep your back straight at all times, so if you notice it's bent out of shape, it's time for a quick break. Remember to breathe in through your nose and exhale fully as you raise the weight up to your chest level.

5) 20 Minutes of Interval Training

Fall can be a busy time, so sometimes, it's hard for beginners to carve out an hour or more just to hit the MPower Fitness Coaching gym at Chino, CA. But if you're looking for some quick and effective ways to keep in shape this fall without making too many sacrifices, try using interval training to get your butt in gear. All you need is a jump rope.

Begin by jumping rope for five minutes without stopping to rest. Then take a two-minute break and repeat until you get your 20 minutes of interval training in. If you are having trouble with the jumping portion, consider going up and down on an elliptical machine or taking a fast walk around your neighborhood instead. The focus is to keep moving at all times.

6) Lifting Weights

You may have spent years trying to avoid getting too bulky by lifting weights, but now's the time to embrace your inner bodybuilder. Lifting weights is not just for men! Women can benefit from lifting, too - it helps strengthen bones, maintain muscle mass and improve posture, among other things. And just like men, women can also build up muscle and tone their arms and legs by picking up a few weights for fall.

Just ask our MPower Fitness Coaching how you can start training.

Begin by holding the dumbbells in either hand and resting them at your sides with your palms facing inward. Keep your shoulders pressed down as you bend your knees slightly. Then lift the weight up as you stand back into a straight position. Slowly lower the weight back down so you can repeat the movement, making sure to keep your knees slightly bent and engage your core muscles. It's essential to keep your back straight while you lift the weight, so if that's difficult at first, find a friend or family member for some moral support.


The best workout strategy for the upcoming fall season is one that's simple to execute, doesn't take much time away from your other responsibilities, and has results. We're happy to share with you how we do it at our studio! Call MPower Fitness Coaching today if you want more information on what this could look like in your life.

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