Fitness Competition Training: What You Need To Know When Gearing Up to Compete

What does it take to be ready for a fitness competition? If you are like most people, the first thing that comes to mind has a fantastic physique. And while this may be true, many other aspects of your life will need some attention if you want to succeed on stage. It takes more than just getting into shape; it takes time and dedication and some money and mental preparation.

This blog post will cover the basics of fitness competition training so you can get ready for your next fitness competition.

Are you willing to compete in a fitness event?

There's a lot of planning, hard work, and other variables involved with any sort of competition. However, fitness competitions need a huge dedication compared to other types of athletic events like marathons and triathlons.

It's difficult to know what to anticipate if you haven't seen a fitness contest before, and it's not like any other type of athletic event. Before you commit to participating in a contest soon, go to a show and see what it's all about. Then make your decision after seeing it firsthand. 

Meanwhile, here are some things to think about:

Ask yourself why you are doing this.

What is your motivation for entering a fitness competition? Do you have a specific goal in mind, or are you just doing it for fun? You should know exactly why you want to do this because there will be days when the training is grueling, and your body feels sore. And if your reason isn't strong enough, these tough times may cause you to quit before it's even over.

Do you have time to train?

Training for a fitness competition takes many hours of hard work and dedication. Even if you are used to working out regularly, taking it to the next level by adding extra cardio sessions will be tough on your body and your schedule. You must become accustomed to waking up early in the morning to hit the gym before work or staying committed to a grueling workout during your lunch break.

Do you have money for professional training?

If you are just starting as an athlete, it's unlikely that you will be able enough on your own to prepare yourself for a competition without some sort of training knowledge and guidance. Many athletes will work with a coach, and this is an additional expense that you should consider when planning your budget for the next few months.

Can you handle being on stage?

One of the scariest aspects of any type of competition is performing in front of an audience. Once you are on stage, there's no turning back; it's time to show your stuff! You must ask yourself how comfortable you feel with this part before signing up for a contest.

What Fitness Competitions Can You Join?

There are many different types of competitions available for athletes at all levels. You must decide how far your journey is before choosing which show works best for you and your needs.

Here are just some examples:


Bodybuilding contests are designed to help you gain muscle all over your entire body. These events can be very pricey, but they're an excellent way for aspiring athletes to get their feet wet in the fitness competition world.

Figure/physique competitions

This type of contest is similar to bodybuilding, but it focuses on having a symmetrical, balanced physique. There are fewer of these shows out there than bodybuilding contests, but they're a good option for athletes who want to get involved with fitness competitions without spending a lot of cash or gaining too much muscle.

Bikini Fitness

If you have an amazing bikini-ready body and don't mind being in front of a camera, then bikini fitness could be for you. These events feature athletes in swimsuits and high heels as they do a variety of poses that showcase their muscles and curves simultaneously.

Women's Physique

These contests focus on female bodybuilders with very feminine physiques and muscle definition without appearing too bulky or masculine. The athletes in these contests will wear two-piece bathing suits and heels.

What is involved in female competition training?

The cornerstone of the M-Power Fitness competition training program is a small group setting, plyometrics, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), all guided by a qualified personal trainer.

You also get Monday through Sunday access to M-Power Fitness Coaching's cutting-edge gym, which provides you with the ideal atmosphere and all of the essentials to train effectively.


To get in shape for female competition, you must build up your stamina with lots of cardiovascular exercises. This will help to build lean muscle mass and burn off excess body fat so that you can achieve that tight look when onstage. Your MPower Fitness coach will create a specific cardio program for you that will incorporate both high and low-intensity exercises.

Strength Training

Female competition training involves lots of strength training exercises to build up your muscles and improve your definition. You can expect at least four days per week of lifting weights, so it's important that you are willing or able to invest the time in this part of your routine. 

At MPower Fitness Coaching, you'll be guided and monitored as you do exercises that focus on your glutes, triceps, biceps, and shoulders.

Diet and Nutrition

As with any athletic training program, you must follow a healthy diet to achieve the best results possible when competing. Suppose you are not used to being so restrictive about what you eat or have never followed a specific meal plan before achieving your fitness goals. In that case, you may want to work with a nutritionist who can help you develop healthy eating habits.


Posing is critical in fitness competitions, and it allows you to display what you've achieved, emphasizing certain muscles that the judges want to see. We've got you covered, including weekly posing lessons to assist you in presenting the finest version of yourself to the judges.

Accountability Check

The MPower Fitness competition training program includes weekly accountability check-ins with the head coach, specific cardio instructions, and comprehensive coaching to assist you in staying on track and maintaining your routine

The Takeaway

It's critical to understand how to train effectively for a female fitness competition, allowing you to reach your full potential and ensuring that you're prepared when you get there. 

You can efficiently convert your current exercise habits into an effective training routine with no equipment involved with the right approach.

Our fitness competition training program may help you develop a fitness plan and motivation to work out. We take great pleasure in offering each client the finest service possible by tailoring our programs to fit their needs, allowing them to achieve their goals.


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