Image illustrating lifestyle training sessions at M-Powerfit for a healthier and happier life.


This program consists of a small group setting, weight lifting, plyometric training, and HIIT workouts instructed by a certified personal trainer. Each day, targeting different muscle groups, instruction is given, form is corrected, and energy is projected to provide an amazing workout experience unlike any other.

Specific cardio instruction and goal setting are provided and specified in monthly check-ins.

(Meal plan can be included or excluded depending on your choice of membership option)

Image depicting competitive training sessions at M-Powerfit for athletes and enthusiasts.


This program consists of a small group setting, weight lifting, plyometric training, and HIIT workouts instructed by a certified personal trainer. Included is a competition meal plan, specific cardio instruction, weekly accountability check-ins with the head coach, stage preparedness, weekly posing clinic, and complete guidance to help you present the best version of yourself to the judges.

MPower has become renowned for transforming female physiques into strong, fit, healthy bodies. With a focus on beauty and femininity, MPower produces unique plans to help you build your best body ever!

Image illustrating a personalized training session at M-Powerfit with a certified personal trainer.


Dedicated to your success, one on one with a trainer for an entire hour session. By targeting specific muscle groups and coordinating workouts according to needs and goals, you will get the individualized attention necessary to succeed in this challenging journey of weight loss.

(Meal plan can be included or excluded)

Image illustrating an online training session at M-Powerfit's virtual platform.


Achieve your goals with workouts built just for you. No waiting, no distractions. Just you and your trainer—all from the comfort and convenience of your phone. Plus, in-app messaging, progress tracking, and more! This program engages and inspires you to reach your goals!

You'll never get bored with the same workout. Easily mix-and-match and switch it up with cardio, strength, and more. Plus, get customized built workouts from your trainer that you can do on your own.

(Meal plan can be included or excluded)

Image showcasing the importance of nutrition in fitness at M-Powerfit.


This program is designed to help you find a balance between eating what makes your happiest and still achieving the desired results without feeling deprived. The customized meal plan will be tailored for you based on taste preferences as well as nutrition needs. Weekly check-ins offer you accountability to set goals in place but can also be modified if needed!

Image showcasing the benefits of the coaching program at M-Powerfit.


Here at M-Power Fitness Coaching, we believe in more than just providing women with a place to get active - we strive to provide the best service possible to help ladies achieve their fitness goals long-term. Our coaching program can help women go to a higher level of fitness and stay on track. Our experts combine a systematic coaching process and personal training to empower ladies to develop a fit lifestyle and gain self-confidence to maintain it.

Image illustrating the comprehensive fitness program at M-Powerfit.


When it comes to staying fit and healthy, it's an excellent idea to take the time to define the specifics of your plan and goals - and a great way to do this is by signing up for an M-Power Fitness program. By taking the time to devise a plan, set goals, and follow a set routine, you'll create an environment where your focus, motivation, and chances of success will increase.

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There is no charge to you at all. We perform a medical grade body anaylsis, discuss your goals, past experiences and determine which program or option will work for you best!
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